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Staying In Shape When You Have Young Kids

Before I had my two kids, I was used to working out at the gym, playing badminton and going for a run whenever I wanted. With a toddler and baby, I found it was much more difficult to find the time to exercise and invest in my own health and well-being in the way I was used to. However, I was determined to eke out some time in my day for myself and found that if you’re willing to be flexible and take a creative approach to the way you exercise, you can stay in shape. I started this blog to share my tips with other mums and help readers create their own fitness routines that allow them to continue taking part in the sporting activities they enjoy in a way that fits in with their responsibilities as parents.



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Staying In Shape When You Have Young Kids


Choosing The Best Tennis Court Surface For Your Needs

When you make the decision to have a tennis court constructed, there are several factors for you to take into consideration, including the surface of the court. There are four main types of surface for you to choose from, and they each have unique qualities and drawbacks. Here's an overview of those tennis court surface options for you to consider: Grass Grass courts are synonymous with Wimbledon, but grass needs a lot of maintenance to keep the court in a suitable condition.