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Staying In Shape When You Have Young Kids

Before I had my two kids, I was used to working out at the gym, playing badminton and going for a run whenever I wanted. With a toddler and baby, I found it was much more difficult to find the time to exercise and invest in my own health and well-being in the way I was used to. However, I was determined to eke out some time in my day for myself and found that if you’re willing to be flexible and take a creative approach to the way you exercise, you can stay in shape. I started this blog to share my tips with other mums and help readers create their own fitness routines that allow them to continue taking part in the sporting activities they enjoy in a way that fits in with their responsibilities as parents.


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Staying In Shape When You Have Young Kids

Why Swimming Is Such A Great Sport And How To Get Your Kids Started In It

by Tommy Gordon

Australia is known for having quite a good pedigree when it comes to swimmers, with many gold medals on the world stage from the Olympics to the world championships. However, you don't have to be a competitive swimmer to enjoy it on a personal level. Swimming is a great sport to pick up from a young age and not just because it ensures your kid won't drown in an emergency. Here are a few reasons why swimming is a fun event to introduce to your kids and how they can get started safely with correct instructions.

Very Social Sport

You may not think of swimming as much of a social sport but almost all kids start out swimming in pods and groups that learn together and help each other out, whether that be in relay races or helpful tips to make sure everyone is progressing. Your kids will likely make some very close friends if you send them to a weekly or bi-weekly swimming squad, and that will make them want to keep going back again and again. For children, this is a great way to make friends and start developing connections outside their family, but before they get to that stage, they first need to learn how to swim.

Swimming Teaching Comes First

Of course, the only way to start your kids off with swimming is to teach them how to do it. Swimming teachers across the country have taught millions of kids how to safely swim, and it is a great way to see if your kids are interested in this sport. At the very least they will know how to handle themselves in the water from a very young age. They may end up loving the sport so much so that they keep up with it for the rest of their lives, as many do. But, even if that isn't the end goal, you should always enrol your kids in professional swimming lessons as soon as possible to keep them safe and for the swimming teaching instructors to be able to advise you whether your kid should continue with their progression in the sport.

Great Fitness Builder

While running gives you a great core workout and increases the strength of your calves, and cycling can produce huge quads and great endurance skills, swimming is more of a test of your whole body. That is because you are fully engulfed by the water and so most muscles are actively working to keep you moving through the water whereas, in other, above-water disciplines like those mentioned, only a portion of the body's muscles are engaged. This gives your child more of a better workout and ensures that they are getting the energy out of their system that they all have.

If you want to sign up your kids for lessons or become an instructor yourself, contact a local swimming teaching service.