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Staying In Shape When You Have Young Kids

Before I had my two kids, I was used to working out at the gym, playing badminton and going for a run whenever I wanted. With a toddler and baby, I found it was much more difficult to find the time to exercise and invest in my own health and well-being in the way I was used to. However, I was determined to eke out some time in my day for myself and found that if you’re willing to be flexible and take a creative approach to the way you exercise, you can stay in shape. I started this blog to share my tips with other mums and help readers create their own fitness routines that allow them to continue taking part in the sporting activities they enjoy in a way that fits in with their responsibilities as parents.



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Staying In Shape When You Have Young Kids

How to Choose the Best Boat Style for You

by Tommy Gordon

When you're in the market for a new boat, you may actually get a bit overwhelmed with the many styles and types that are available today, and may wonder which is the right option for your boating needs. It's important to consider carefully those different styles and types, as well as all the features and details they offer, rather than choosing based on price alone. This will ensure you invest in a boat that you're happy with for many years to come. When you start looking at boats for sale, note a few tips on how to choose the best style for you and your plans when on the water.


If you want a boat that you'll use mostly for fishing, choose one with a flatter bottom or hull; this will allow for better balance when you stand up to reel in the fish or for when you cast out your line. An outboard engine is usually better for fishing boats than an inboard engine, as you may need to easily access that engine's blades to remove seaweed, a tangled line, and other debris.

You may even want to pull the engine out of the water and use your oars when going through very narrow or shallow waters, such as when fishing for bass or fishing in a channel rather than an open body of water.

Also, invest in an engine with good mufflers, so you don't scare away the fish as you approach!

A rounded hull is good for sailing; this shape of boat is not meant for speed, but it is better at displacing water, so it provides a quiet and smooth ride, with fewer waves slapping the side or bottom of the boat, and less rocking and tipping. A long boat body will also help to propel the boat through the water, without needing to use power from the engine. This will mean a quieter day on the water and a smoother ride.


Aluminium boats are very lightweight and very affordable, but they can be a hazard during lightning storms in wide, open water. They may also be louder in the water, echoing the waves slapping the boat bottom. A fibreglass boat is often more expensive, but is lightweight and very quiet, and may be more durable against nicks, dents, and potential cracks and leaks than aluminium. If you do choose an aluminium boat, be sure you examine the boat often for dents and dings, so you can patch those up before the boat begins taking on water.